Name: Pelle Hjortblad
Date of Birth: 26th December 1955
Family: Eva, wife and Fredrik, son 21 years old
Current position: Currently, I'm working as Interim Sales Director for Apsis Sweden AB, a Email service provider based in Malmö
Languages: Swedish - native, English – fluent, German – good
French -spoken
Home address: Lingonbackarna 33
142 64 Trångsund
Home phone: +46 701 810 110
Mobile: +46 701 810 110
Email address:
Work Experience Overview
30 years as a manager for employees from 1 to 500 people
27 years in Sales and Marketing
23 years in International business
18 years within Internet and telecoms related companies
10 years as Marketing Manager
11 years as CEO
3 stock market introductions, 1 as Marketing and PR Manager, 1 as COO and 1 as CEO
Work Experience Record
August 2011 - present
Interim Sales Director Apsis Sweden AB through my own limited company Moonlight Management AB. This Interim position ended in June 2012.

Board Member at Apsis Sweden AB, Board Member of Speedledger AB, Senior advisor at UpSales Nordic AB and Advisor for Norvestor Equity AS.
January 2005 – August 2011
CEO at Projectplace International AB in Stockholm with Europe as the target market Budget 2011 SEK 200 million

Projectplace International AB
Employees: 125
Group turn-over 2011 SEK 185 million
Business: Web based project management tool
  • Replacing one of the founders as CEO and still maintaining the founder in the Organization
  • Restructure Sales & Marketing and recruit sales, marketing and administrative personnel. Build a solid organization for future growth
  • Build a European organization
  • Manage the Sales & Marketing organization and act as the Sales Manager
    Key achievements:
  • Sales increase of +40% with maintained profit
  • Increase the efforts on the European markets mainly in Germany, Holland and UK

September 2001 – December 2004
CEO at Paynova AB in Stockholm with Europe as the target market

Paynova AB
Employees: 25
Group gross turn-over 2004 SEK 65 million
Business: Internet payments with credit cards, Internet banks and giro
  • Launch the company first in the Nordic region and then in Europe
  • Get the company listed at the Swedish stock market
  • Recruit sales, marketing and administrative personnel. Build a solid organization for future growth but with resource consuming areas outsourced
  • Build a European organization
  • Manage large bids and act as the Sales Manager
    Key achievements:
  • Concept development and launch October 2001
  • Introduced Paynova to a number of potential European partners, resulting in joint business opportunities with partners in Germany, France, Holland and Belgium
  • Listed the company on the stock market and with a market cap of SEK 450 million (Nov 20th 2006)

June 1999 – August 2001
COO at Tele1Europe Holding and CEO at Tele1Europe Sweden (now TDC/Song)

Song Networks
Employees: 1200
Group turn-over 2001: SEK 2.6 billion
Business: Telecom & Data Network services for large and medium size companies in the Nordic region based on own infrastructure
  • Support the Nordics CEOs, Sales and Marketing teams and Product Management teams to develop and sell high valued added communication solutions in the Nordics and Baltic region
  • Manage large bids
  • Manage Nordic marketing activities
  • Play an active role in the business planning and stock market introduction in March 2000
  • From June 1st 2000 heading the position as CEO at the Swedish subsidiary
    Key achievements:
  • Contributed to the development and organisation growth in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway
  • Concept Development – Broad Band for Business
  • Introduced the new brand Song Networks
  • Built a strong organization in Sweden
  • Created the business plan the was the basis for the stock market introduction

October 1992 – May 1999
Sales & Marketing Manager at Tele2
Tele2 AB, founded in 1991, launched the public services in Sweden in March 1993
Empolyees 1999: 1.000
Group turn-over: SEK 1 billion
Business: Telecom, Mobile, Cable TV & Data Network services for consumer and companies. First non monopoly operator in the Nordic Region and number seven in the World.
  • Creating the platform for market communication and the brand
  • prcing and product packaging
  • All marketing campaigns including launch campaign using James Bond (007 prefix)
  • All press and PR-activities
  • Consumer Sales and Customer Support
  • Sales Director Large and Medium size companies, Product Management and Technical Support during 1997-1999
    Key achievements:
  • Successful launch and instant high awareness for the brand
  • Concept Development – Broad Band for Business
  • During the first 6 months capturing 20% of all international calls in the medium size company segment
  • Superior relations to the press
  • Support during the stock market introduction 1996
  • Active role in the integration between Tele2, Comviq and Kabelvision 1997
  • Active participation in the launch of Tele2 in Norway 1996, France 1998 and Switzerland 1998

August 1989 – October 1992
Marketing & PR Manager Kuwait Petroleum Svenska AB (Q8)
Kuwait Petroleum Svenska AB now OKQ8
Employees: 230 people in Swedish organization
Turn-over 1992, Q8 Sweden: SEK 3 billion Business: Oil and Petrol Company
  • Marketing and PR Manager Sweden including brand, sponsoring and Sales Promotion
    Key achievements:
  • Re-branding of the International Diesel Service brand
  • Creation of a communications platform for Sweden
  • Active participation in sponsoring in Europe on racing

August 1987 – August 1989
Advertising Manager McDonald's Svenska AB
McDonald's Svenska AB
Employees: 1 500 people in Swedish organization
Turn-over 1989, McDonald's Sweden: SEK 1 billion
Business: Fast Food
  • Advertising Manager Sweden including sponsoring and sales promotion
    Key achievements:
  • Awarded local marketing activities
  • Creation of a local communications platform for Sweden
  • Active participation in sponsoring activities in Europe
    Employments 1971 – 1987
  • Hotell Ronneby Brunn Event Manager
  • Pripps Bryggerier - Sales representative
  • Swedish Navy - Engineer
  • BNL Information - Journalist
  • PeoWe Sponsoríng – Sales
Educational Record
1988 International Marketing, McDonald's
1971 – 1974 4-years of upper secondary technical school
1962 – 1971 9-years compulsory school
Training 1988 - 2003
  • McDonald's Marketing University
  • Leadership workshops
  • Media Training
  • Tele2 Academy
  • Sales training – Negotiation – Presentation skills
Other major achievements
  • Chairman of the Swedish Boardsailing Association 1984 - 1988
  • Technical Chairman of the International Boardsailing Association 1984 – 1989